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2018-2019 Season
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2018-2019 season is 
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2018-2019 Divisions
5th through 8th Grade


Southwest Austin Girls Lacrosse (SWAG LAX) is a girls youth lacrosse program who plays within the Capital Area Girls Youth Lacrosse League (CAPLAX). This program is designed as a feeder program for the Bowie Women's Lacrosse program. 
SWAG LAX, also known as the Lady Bulldogs, works closely with the coaches of the Bowie High School Women's Lacrosse program. This program promotes social, athletic and academic growth in our young ladies. 
Players who participate in this youth program will develop a solid skill set that will prepare them to be better lacrosse players, have more confidence in their ability, and have a greater appreciation and enjoyment of the game of lacrosse.